Hand printed cards, badges, and original prints, sold through Etsy

A cluster of 7 hand made badges. The badges are of ammonites, a prehistoric sea creature with a coiled shell, and a body ending in tentacles, like a squid crossed with a snail. The centre ammonite is rainbow coloured, and the surrounding ones are either rainbow coloured or are in pale pink & blue, like the trans pride flag.
A card on a wooden board, the card has a picture of a stegosaur in rainbow colours printed on it.
A relief print of the bones of the pelvis, printed in dark blue. "chatter lines" where ink from the background of the block has accidentally transferred to the paper makes the print look lively.
A lino print of an electricity pylon in the foreground, takes up nearly the full height of the page. In the distance is a small tower block that has the main block to one side, and slightly detached but linked by walkways is the lift shaft. In the background, a sunset glows, made by inking up a plank of wood with strong grain, the lines and swirls of the wood grain make the sky, a circular knot forms a sun behind the pylon.


A short text written over two linoprints of ravens, wings outstretched, one facing upwards, the other rotated through 180 degrees. Text is written in a rounded style from around the 9th century called Uncial, and reads "Huginn and Muninn fly each day over the spacious earth. I fear for Huginn that he come not back, yet more anxious am I for Muninn". The text is written on narrow strips of tracing paper, so the ravens can be seen behind the words, and the strips are sewn to the page using vertical runs of red linen thread.
A scrap of parchment pegged to a string, with text written in a rounded gothic style reading "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well" - Julian of Norwich
A side on view of a decorated piece of text,  it's an extract from Darwin's On The Origin of Species that begins "whilst this planet", but the angle makes the whole text hard to read. The inital letter W is written in a historic curved style with broad strokes coloured in red, and on a gold leaf background that gleams. Twisting vines wander around the border of the text.